Minimize Pores

People of every age and skin type are concerned about the size of their pores. Pores get stretched out when they’re clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin cells, or other debris, or when the skin has lost some of its structural support—collagen—because of sun damage or even just because of normal aging. The appearance of enlarged pores can be reduced with a variety of aesthetic treatments:

  • RF Microneedling Vivace, Morpheus, and Fractora: Achieving firmer, thicker, smoother, more healthy skin in a gentle manner is the primary benefit of radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. This technology combines the benefits of microneedling with heat to supercharge your results: fine lines, thinning skin, and texture issues (like scarring) are able to be treated. We offer several different forms of RF microneedling (Vivace, Morpheus, Fractora) and our experienced providers will select the appropriate technology for you based on your skin’s unique needs. Done in a series, this effective treatment carries very little down time while providing a significant benefit.
  • Chemical Peels (https://www.bemedispa.com/resurfacing-treatments/):  Chemical peels are acids or other enzymes which are applied to the skin to accelerate exfoliation. Our licensed skin care specialists evaluate your skin to determine the most effective type of chemical peel for you. The result of a peel is overall dermal thickening and increased collagen levels, which leaves skin looking more smooth, youthful and vibrant.

If you prefer a more guided approach and would like to discuss minimizing the size of your pores with one of our medical professionals, give Be Medispa a call today at 859-266-5483 or contact us online here to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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