Improving Neck’s Texture

Gravity, the passage of time, and sun exposure can all have negative effects on the look and feel of your neck. Combine that with genetics and hormonal fluctuations that can negatively influence collagen and elastin production and you may be ready to reach for your turtleneck. If you’re concerned about the look and texture of your neck’s skin, Be Medispa offers a RF microneedling as a solution.

RF Microneedling — Vivace, Morpheus, and Fractora: Achieving firmer, thicker, smoother, more healthy skin in a gentle manner is the primary benefit of radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. This technology combines the benefits of microneedling with heat to supercharge your results: fine lines, thinning skin, and texture issues are able to be treated. We offer several different forms of RF microneedling (Vivace, Morpheus, Fractora) and our experienced providers will select the appropriate technology for you based on your skin’s unique needs.

If you have questions about the look and feel of your neck or you would like to discuss possible aesthetic treatments with one of our wonderful medical professionals, give Be Medispa a call today at (859) 266-5483 or contact us here to set up your complimentary consultation.

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