Why EVERYONE is talking about this skin tightening treatment!

It seems like every billboard and magazine is advertising a new anti-aging product or service that promises to take you back in time. One technique, however, is growing above the rest as an effective tool in the fight against aging — using micro-needling with radio-frequency technology. And in this setting, Morpheus8 stands out for its excellent performance around the entire body.

A New Spin

Micro-needling with radio-frequency (RF) energy is at the core of the Morpheus8 device, which is a modern twist on an older anti-aging technique. Micro-needling has been around for years, and with good reason — it has achieved great results. With micro-needling, we create tiny micro-injuries across your skin to produce a healing response in the form of elastin and collagen synthesis (the proteins responsible for tone and elasticity in your skin). Through these micro-channels, the renewed reinforcement that fills minor injuries raises and protects the entire surface of your skin, smoothing and tightening the aged tissue. Morpheus takes this process a step further by delivering RF energy through the micro-needles to heat and coagulate your skin deeper than the needles reach. This thermal action creates a stronger and deeper response for better results in your skin.

The Difference

The reason why Morpheus8 differs from other products in this category is because it is designed to address your entire body. The subdermal remodeling device penetrates deep into your skin and fat to reshape and contour your face and body.

 To put some numbers on the new technology, the fractional treatment of Morpheus8 penetrates 4,000 microns, with an additional thermal profile of 1,000+ microns. What this means is that it goes deep into your tissue and reorganizes the building blocks in a natural anti-aging process.

This treatment can be performed on all skin types. This technology also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which is a side effect of certain resurfacing techniques.

Solutions for your Concerns

Because this treatment is designed for the face AND body, we can resolve a lot of different areas of concern including:

  • Scarring
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Loose or Sagging Skin
  • Discoloration

Our expert providers will review your concerns/desires with you and design a custom treatment plan to give you the best results! Usually, 1-3 treatments is recommended for best results. You will see both immediate and gradual results. As your body responds and creates new collagen-rich tissue, expect optimal results in 6-12 weeks following your treatment. If you’d like to see how this revolutionary treatment can help give you a sleeker, smoother appearance, please call us at 859 266 5483 or contact us here.

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