Volbella for Lip Fullness and Mouth Wrinkles Lexington KY

Introducing Volbella at Be Medispa!

Dr. Hester & Be Medispa have been chosen by Juvederm as the first Medical Spa in the area to try out this amazing new product!

Volbella is the latest and greatest advancement in facial fillers developed specifically for your lips and mouth area. It is a smooth gel that is injected using an ultra-fine needle. Dr. Hester uses Volbella to help accentuate your lips and their border, plumping both to achieve a naturally fuller and more kissable look. Using his keen eye for detail and his passion for artistry, Dr. Hester expertly injects his clients’ lips, producing top results every time. He is known as a leader for his techniques.

Volbella is an injectable gel used for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral rhytids in adults over the age of 21.

In clinical trials, JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC was found to effectively increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of lines around the mouth in a majority of subjects through one year.

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