Restylane Refyne and Defyne Lexington KY


As skin loses elasticity and volume with age, the lines that run from your nose toward the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds) and the lines from the corners of your mouth to the chin (marionette lines) appear more noticeable. Additionally, the repeated use of facial muscles, through everyday activities such as smiling and talking, also cause lines and wrinkles in the skin around the mouth. Thanks to their next-generation dermal filler, Restylane now offers Refyne and Defyne to address these pesky facial lines in such an expressive area.


Both Refyne and Defyne are specifically formulated hyaluronic acid dermal fillers designed to help soften laugh lines while maintaining your facial expressions. Unlike other fillers, Restylane Refyne and Defyne incorporate a special XpresHAn technology, which allows for the product to move, flex, and integrate with your facial expressions. You maintain natural movement when you’re smiling, frowning and even puckering up, so you always look like you, just with fewer wrinkles.

Restylane Refyne is FDA approved to treat moderate wrinkles and folds found on the nose and the mouth, while Restylane Defyne is used to plump and fill in deep-set facial lines. Generally, Restylane Refyne is a more flexible gel, whereas Restylane Defyne is a more supportive gel. Both can be used together to enhance and treat deeper lines and wrinkles, which will allow a more tailored, individualized approach.


Individuals who have deep nasolabial folds or marionette lines and want a natural appearing solution to this problem are ideal candidates for Refyne and/or Defyne. Both Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne have been shown to improve laugh lines for up to twelve months after the initial treatment. The injections last a long time and patients will not need to repeat the treatment as frequently as some of the other injections on the market.

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