One Chin is enough for me!

You may have heard Dr. Paul Hester offers BodyTite and FaceTite treatments exclusively at Be Medispa in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Hester also exclusively offers the AccuTite treatment for your face and body at his award winning Lexington Practice. AccuTite is a smaller but equally mighty treatment related to FaceTite but aimed at providing exceptionally accurate, precision heating to small and delicate areas of the face and body using the science and safety recognized with Radiofrequency Assisted Liposys (RFAL). The same technology used for FaceTite. 

AccuTite is the smallest minimally invasive contouring treatment designed to address hard-to-reach areas of the face and body. Patients who need pinpoint accuracy and precision fat reduction or skin contraction now have a solution that can be done without anesthesia or scars right here in Lexington!

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

If you are bothered by sagging loose skin, stubborn fat pockets, this revolutionary treatment may be the perfect treatment for you! It can treat sagging skin along the jawline (which leads to the appearance of jowls), mild submental fullness (more commonly known as double chin) and crepey skin along the neck. AccuTite is also excellent for brows, upper and lower eyelids and the lower third of your face and neck.

What are the benefits?

  • Little or no downtime from work or busy schedule
  • Ideal for contouring small areas like the double chin
  • Provides exceptional skin contouring results to the lower face and neck
  • Contours hard-to-reach facial areas with precision heating
  • Comfortable treatment with no general anesthetic required

To get rid of that “little bit” of fat or looseness you may have had all your life or that is in a hard-to-reach spot or area, AccuTite may be the perfect solution you’ve been waiting to try.

Call us if you have any questions about AccuTite. The best way to determine if you are the right candidate for AccuTite is to schedule a complimentary consultation with us today. 

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