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Must-do Winter 2023 Aesthetic Treatment

There are several reasons why you should consider CO2 Mixto laser resurfacing in the winter:

Less sun exposure: Because people are less exposed to the sun during the winter, it can be a good time to undergo laser resurfacing treatments. Sun exposure can increase the risk of complications and slow the healing process after laser resurfacing, so it’s best to avoid it before and after treatment.

Improved healing: Because of the lower humidity and drier air, the winter months can be a good time to undergo laser resurfacing.

Coordination with other treatments or events: You may choose to have laser resurfacing in the winter to coincide with other treatments or events, such as holidays or weddings.

This allows you to take advantage of any downtime you may have after the procedure to allow your skin to heal.

It’s important to note that laser resurfacing can be done at any time of year, and your specific goals and needs will determine the best time for you. Consult with our expert providers to determine the best time for laser resurfacing based on your circumstances.

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