Men’s Hair Removal Lexington KY

Laser Hair Removal for Every Man

The average person wastes so many precious hours per week removing unwanted body hair for it just to return within a few days. At Be Medispa, we implement new technologies and create custom programs that safely eliminate the need for daily shaving and painful waxing. We are hairremovalproud to offer the advanced laser hair removal system called Lumenis LightSheer. LightSheer is able to emit a range of pulse lengths during treatment, thus penetrating the entire hair shaft without damaging the surrounding skin. A laser hair removal session with LightSheer may take a few minutes to an hour, depending on the specifics of the individual and the size of the area being treated. Since only a portion of the hair shaft is active at a time, multiple sessions are needed for effective hair removal. LightSheer offers some of the most advanced technology in the world of laser hair removal.

hairremovallegLaser hair removal with LightSheer is the most effective method of reducing unwanted hair from any area of the body. Areas that are commonly treated with laser hair removal include, but are not limited to, the chest, back, neck, shoulders, chin, discrete areas, abdomen, arms, beard, sideburns, jaw line, ears, hands, and toes. Our laser hair removal services are a safe, comfortable alternative to shaving and you will enjoy exceptional results and long-lasting satisfaction.

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