How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin in Lexington, KY

Looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful profile is something that very few of us get to experience. The fat and excess skin beneath our chin is one flaw that draws our attention. This could be caused by a variety of factors. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of a double chin, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Hester’s award-winning aesthetics practice in Lexington, Kentucky, uses a modern approach to aesthetic medicine to deliver personalized, natural-looking results.

What exactly is a Double Chin?

A “double chin” is a layer of submental fat beneath the skin that is visible. The double chin develops as the skin loses elasticity. This could be due to old age or genetics. The sagging will then cause wrinkles to form, giving the appearance of having two chins. When skin loses elasticity, it cannot keep fat away from the neck and chin.

As we age, we also lose muscle tone in this area. Your genetic makeup may influence your chances of developing a second chin. People believe that only overweight people have double chins, but even thin people can develop double chins. A double chin is made up of more than just neck fat. Age is the most important factor in skin elasticity loss and sagging skin in the neck area. If you have a family history of double chins, you are more likely to have this problem. When you Google “How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin in Lexington, KY,” many treatment options will appear, and it can get overwhelming, we know. 

What Is the Cause of a Double Chin?

Weight gain, genetics, and anatomy are all factors that can cause fat to sag beneath the chin. We will go over each contributing factor that may be causing the appearance of a double chin in more detail below.


One of the primary causes of a second chin is age. Because our skin loses elasticity as we age. As a result, the skin will sag and wrinkle. This will result in the appearance of a double chin.

Weight loss and diet

Weight gain can cause fat to accumulate and sag in this area. To help reduce the appearance of your double chin, it is recommended that you reduce your calorie intake.


Your chances of developing one are higher if you have a family history of double chins. 

Your Options for Getting Rid of a Double Chin

If diet and exercise have yielded little to no results, consider this one-time non-surgical treatment to help reduce the appearance of your double chin.

Facetite is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on skin tightening. It targets areas of loose skin on the face and neck. The device will use radiofrequency energy during the procedure to help firm up tissue, tighten the skin, and boost collagen production. To help tighten the skin, facetite is frequently combined with liposuction.


  • No incisions.
  • Customizable
  • Can be combined with other treatments 
  • Quick recovery

FaceTite lasts how long?

Facetite fat reduction results are permanent. The natural aging process and your lifestyle choices will influence how long your results will last.

This treatment is extremely effective at tightening skin and removing excess fat with little to no downtime! For more information or to schedule a consultation, give our office a call at 859-266-5483 or schedule online here.

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