Find out the most popular Skincare trend for Millennials

Lexington (KY) – Millennials are hoping to prevent aging by focusing on “prejuve­nation,” such as injectibles, a trend spurred by social media and celebrity trends. Recently, in a sit-down conversation with Award Winning Be Medispas Dr. Hester, an expert in the field, with more than 20 years experience, I asked why.

At what age do you think you should start talking with clients about Botox? Botox has been used safely in people of all ages for the past 30 years. For cosmetic use, many of our clients will begin to seek treatments in their late 20’s and early 30’s when their skin may begin to develop lines or creases that they find distracting.

What percentage of patients under 30 come into Be Medispa and ask for botox? A high percentage, mainly because by joining Our Practice these individuals have already decided to become proactive in the care of their skin. Botox is very effective at preventing unwanted wrinkles of expression from forming. Younger patients have figured this out and report that their signs of aging appear at a slower rate than many of their friends who wait until much later.

Is it safe for patients under 30 to begin Botox? Yes, under the care of a qualified professional. Botox is a prescription medication and should be applied by an expert injector, such as a licensed physician or a physician supervised licensed healthcare provider.

How can you introduce Botox to a young client without making them feel older? Botox is a specific treatment that provides relief from specific signs or symptoms. During our consultations with clients, we discuss a variety of solutions we can provide for a variety of problems. Sometimes Botox is a good solution for the client, but other times it may not be among the solutions we build into their personal skincare plan.

Is Botox more effective on a certain type of skin? Good question. Botox is effective on most skin types. In fact, the great results we achieve with Botox come from the effect that the injection has on the underlying contraction of the skin. If the patient has neurologic or muscle dysfunction we may not be able to achieve the desired cosmetic effect.

What do you typically advise clients to do after their treatments and how long do treatments last? We provide specific aftercare instructions to every patient. The results appear within 3-7 days of application and typically last 4 months.

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