Dr. Paul Hester to Spotlight Cutting-Edge Facial Rejuvenation Methods at The Aesthetic Show

Lexington, KY —Dr. Paul Hester from Be Medispa was recently selected as a Faculty Member at ‘The Aesthetic Show’ in Las Vegas this June. There, he will present his award-winning energy-based facial rejuvenation techniques, highlighting the wildly popular “Mixto Laser Facial” Resurfacing treatment.

This announcement marks a pivotal point for Dr. Hester and underlines his commitment to helping aging adults gain a more youthful appearance and boost confidence. The presentation will attract many professionals and leaders within the aesthetics field, further solidifying Dr. Hester’s status as a pioneer in the industry.

“By listening to and understanding our patients’ concerns, we have developed techniques that provide natural-looking results with minimal discomfort and downtime. During this event, we’ll share the knowledge and insights we’ve developed over our twenty years”, says Dr. Hester.

Dr. Hester’s technique sets a new standard in the aesthetics industry, showcasing non-invasive and effective methods for enhancing facial features and reducing signs of aging. With the promise of reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin texture, this innovative approach allows men and women to feel attractive and confident. 

The presentation will be at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas this June.

About Dr. Hester:

Dr. Paul Hester, from Be Medispa in Lexington, Kentucky, is a prominent figure in the aesthetics industry. He is known for his expertise in energy-based facial and body rejuvenation techniques. Dedicated to minimizing discomfort and downtime for patients, Dr. Hester is committed to helping men and women improve the appearance of their skin and reduce signs of aging. Be Medispa’s dedication to patient satisfaction and loyalty illustrates its commitment to meeting the needs of those seeking to look and feel their best.

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