Dr. Hester talks BodyTite.

Let’s get you past the aggravations and give you the edge you deserve!

It is so annoying. No matter how much you restrict your foods and no matter how many hours you sweat in the gym, you just cannot lose a few stubborn pockets of fat.

The videos and magazines surrounding us promise that if we eat right and stay active our clothes will always fit and we will never have to hide trouble spots. And yet, the fact is that life changes and shift happens!  The story always goes… I was in great shape and then…babies, school, desk job, injury, stress, divorce, wine, beer, pandemic… happened.  Shift happened!
You can try to ignore your current status, but your clothing and your mirror are relentless reminders. You need to face it, like you do everything else, take it on, and solve it once and for all. You will want to know who you can trust with this sensitive matter and you will want to know about BodyTite!

One thing I can promise. You can trust that the award-winning staff at Be Medispa is committed to providing the best cosmetic solutions available. Bodytite meets our standard for relevance and results, and in fact has profoundly changed the game in body contouring. This physician driven technology eliminates the trouble spots through skin tightening and fat removal in one safe, easy, and massively effective session. Sounds too good to be true. Sorry it is even better. No big scars, no general anesthesia, no hospital stay, in fact you are back in the swing of your busy life in no time!

But what about the simplicity of all the hands off, hot or cold fat melting that is so beautifully advertised and shockingly expensive? I do not choose to offer them. I choose the safety and artistry of a hands-on technique that serves up the level of energy I need to go to battle with those stubborn and sagging areas.  When you and I decide to go after those hard-to-treat places, I want to deliver the changes you expect, exactly. Win for you. Win for me. Bodytite is the edge we deserve!  

Wondering if BodyTite is right for you?

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ABOUT PAUL HESTER MD MBA: A leader in the use of this state-of-the-art skin tightening technology, Dr. Paul Hester specializes in face, neck, and body contouring, as well as laser resurfacing. His meticulous detail and personalized approach to patient care have forged Dr. Hester a reputation that is unmatched in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

ABOUT BE MEDISPA: As Kentucky’s first medical spa, Be Medispa, has been leading the non-surgical aesthetic industry for close to two decades. It is one of the few cosmetic centers anywhere that offers a comprehensive menu of evidence-based health and beauty solutions.  Dr. Hester’s hand-picked staff has both the expertise and the experience to provide maximum results with minimal downtime.

“The most rewarding part of being a healthcare professional always has been working with a patient to help them solve an issue or motivating a patient to heal in some way,” says Hester.

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