Allergan Products Lexington KY

Our pursuit. Life’’s potential.

Allergan is a bold, cutting-edge pharmaceutical company and leader in the anti-aging and aesthetics industry. Likewise, Allergan’s motto is “Our pursuit. Life’s potential.” This tagline reflects the company’s guiding vision — to develop products that help people enjoy life to its fullest potential. Thus, we’re proud to be an active partner with Allergan and its line of products.

Best of Medicine

One of the guiding questions that Allergen asks is “[w]hat would the best of medicine look like?” The best of medicine is:

  • helping people with skin conditions face the world with confidence.
  • a dedication to enabling patients to live life without compromise and to their fullest potential.

As a result, Be Medispa carries a variety of Allergan products that help address a broad spectrum of skincare and aesthetic issues.


Due to it’s success and respect in the anti-aging industry, you’re probably already familiar with at least a couple Allergan products. Allergen developed and perfected some of the most well-known dermatological and anti-aging products:

If you have any interest in one of the many Allergen products, call Be Medispa today at (859) 266-5483 or click here today to make an appointment.

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