4 Solutions for the Under-Eye Area

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for under eye filler?

This is the key to a beautiful result and this is where a good injector with a lot of expertise and knowledge of the overall anatomy of the eye area is going to guarantee a good outcome. But in general, the best candidates for under eye filler are patients who have true hollows or depressions under the eye, and also relatively good skin quality and tightness in the area.

When a patient has an actual depression under the eye and good skin quality,
it’s easy to fill the area and for the skin to maintain the filler in place. If a patient has
too much skin laxity in the area, filler can unfortunately end up looking lumpy.
If you have actual bags under your eyes, filler will more likely than not exacerbate
this problem and not help with it. It’s really difficult to inject enough filler around the
bags in order to make them appear even with the rest of the face. What’s happening
is that you’re just creating more puffiness rather than camouflaging the existing bags.

What are some other treatment options to improve the under eye area?

Depending on your needs, we often recommend starting with the least aggressive approach. If you’re someone who has a kind of general darkness around the eyes,
or if you have a bluish tinge under the eyes, these concerns are often better treated
by PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections in the under eye area. It’s a good idea to
always start with PRP and then work your way up. PRP injections are the most natural approach to treating the under eye. By injecting fibrin drawn and separated from your own blood, collagen production is stimulated as well as skin regeneration and new skin cell turnover, resulting in an overall brightness and rejuvenation of the under eye area.

If under eye bags and skin laxity as opposed to darkness or a hollowness under the eye is what you’re trying to combat, then a treatment like AccuTite may be better suited for you than filler. AccuTite uses RF technology in order to shrink tissue and melt fat below the surface of the skin, and particularly in the delicate and sensitive under eye area. The result will be a diminishing of the bags and an overall tightening of the skin. So as much as we love our fillers for a variety of indications, it may not necessarily be the treatment for you when it comes to your under eyes.

Laser-based procedures like Mixto Laser Resurfacing offer many benefits because of the versatility of the technology. With several different types of laser devices, your doctor is able to choose the best tool that is precisely tailored for your treatment and skin type. If your primary goal is removing wrinkles under your eyes, the right procedure can help you achieve more comprehensive skin rejuvenation in more areas. And don’t forget how convenient these procedures are! Most take less than an hour and are simple, out-patient procedures. Results may take a few months, but once healing begins, you will see fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin under your eyes. These results can last for years to come.

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